Make It Hard To Say No To God

Here's the thing: ignoring God is easier when it's a passive act. When we just sort of let it slide, when we never committed to speaking with Him in any concrete way to start, there's no moment of confrontation or decision where we must utter the truth: that we choose to ignore Him. [Click title to read more.]


Finding The Significant In The Small

We should be about the big business of faith, and not about the little business of fretting over forgetfulness and fines and library books. But what if the big business of faith does involve the little things? [Click title to read more.]

What Happens When We Talk About Other People

The judgments we make about others and the opinions we form about them are cultivated in those moments of ownership when, by talking about someone, we feel that their life is rightfully ours to comment on or discuss. Such acts lead to can lead to feelings of superiority and to the idea that we know best. [Click title to read more].

How We Talk About Sin

I worry sometimes that in my own life I fall into the trap of believing there are "acceptable" Christian sins like pride and arrogance and envy. That there are sins that are shameful and sins that are, somehow, not - sins that should be hidden from the world and from others, and sin that it's okay to admit. God has been convicting me about this lately. [Click title to read more.]