What The Open Door Means

The lingering image in the story of the concubine is a woman desperately trying to get inside. But the lingering image of the salvation story is the temple curtain torn in two from top to bottom. It was not enough for God merely to open the door for those who wanted in; He destroyed the door completely and annihilated the barriers keeping you out. [Click title to read more.]


Why Forgiveness Is More Complex Than We Imagine

Forgiveness is an act which encompasses much more than saying "that's okay", and we understand that instinctively when we ask for it: we want a chance to prove ourselves, to show we are more than our misbehavior, to not have an act or a series of acts define our identities or others' perceptions of us. [Click title to read more.]

The Strength In Mercy and Grace

Mercy and grace somehow have a reputation as "soft" virtues. But I don't think that's quite accurate. Mercy and grace, too, can convey astonishing power. Just as the silence that follows the thunder can be more devastating than the thunder itself, so can God's grace and mercy cut through the sorrow and pain and hardened hearts of the world. [Click title to read more.]