Short-Sightedness Can Ruin You

What strikes me the most reading the stories of the Bible's vow-breakers is that our arrogance often goes much deeper than we think: we really do believe we know ourselves better than God does. [Click title to read more.]

New Installment Of Jonathan Study Now Available!

This week: if necessary, could you sacrifice even your dearest plans and expectations to fulfill the desires that God has for you? [Click title to read more.]

Is A Little Enough?

I struggle with only knowing a little. Especially lately. Convinced that God is working out a grand plan for my life, I am nonetheless enormously frustrated that I can only see one tiny corner of it. The rest of the picture is obscured from view. And frankly, I grow resentful from time to time. [Click title to read more.]


What The Open Door Means

The lingering image in the story of the concubine is a woman desperately trying to get inside. But the lingering image of the salvation story is the temple curtain torn in two from top to bottom. It was not enough for God merely to open the door for those who wanted in; He destroyed the door completely and annihilated the barriers keeping you out. [Click title to read more.]

Tent Pegs and Opportunity

When we determine to ourselves that we are going to move forward in God's name or when we perceive that God has asked something of us, we must commit boldly and completely to whatever it is that we intend to do. [Click title to read more.]

Embracing The Dissonance

The other day I was frustrated over...something.  That I can't remember what it was now speaks to how minor it was, and yet at the time I was irate.  What I remember is that I did what I always do when I can't make sense of something or I need guidance: I picked up my … Continue reading Embracing The Dissonance

God’s “Humanness”

Make no mistake; God judges. He is holy and He is sovereign. But he also loves. Loves in a way that is all-consuming. He can be moved. He pities. He delights. He grieves deeply. He gets angry and just as quickly swears that the anger against those who love Him will not be lasting. [Click title to read more].