Vague Spiritual Goals Will Ruin You

The grand idea is one of Satan's greatest temptations to failure; you become so enraptured by the vision of what you want to do that you never actually think about how it is you're going to get there. [Click title to read more.]

Be A One-Person Ministry. No Hullabaloo Required.

I feel really compelled to encourage people today that if there's an idea you have for a ministry - if there is something that you'd love to do for God - you should do it. Now. Today. As much as you are able. [Click title to read more.]

Tent Pegs and Opportunity

When we determine to ourselves that we are going to move forward in God's name or when we perceive that God has asked something of us, we must commit boldly and completely to whatever it is that we intend to do. [Click title to read more.]