When Prayer Is An Excuse For Inaction

Pray, yes. Pray first. Pray always. Prayer matters. But be aware that you may very well be the answer to the prayer that you're praying. While you're asking God to send assistance, the Lord of the Universe might very well be looking at you, waiting for you to respond. [Click title to read more.]


Sometimes It’s Good To Let A Trend Go By

Churches have personalities, just like people do. They can be reflective or extroverted, friendly or cheerful, shy or quiet. They vary in size and in demographic makeup. Because of that, it stands to reason that it doesn't make sense for every church to jump on every bandwagon - and yet, all too often, that's what happens. [Click title to read more.]

Tent Pegs and Opportunity

When we determine to ourselves that we are going to move forward in God's name or when we perceive that God has asked something of us, we must commit boldly and completely to whatever it is that we intend to do. [Click title to read more.]