What Is Your Biggest, Craziest God-Dream?

The church my husband and I have been attending for the past several months recently finished a sermon series on service, sacrifice, and suffering.  For the final sermon, everyone in the congregation received a booklet that detailed all the church’s ministries top to bottom and where help was needed (which was, incidentally, incredibly handy, and something I wish I saw more of elsewhere).  We also received “commitment cards,” which permitted us to write down any acts of service we might be interested in.

At the bottom of the card, there was also a blank space for “God dreams”: ministries or acts of services that people might feel called to do, but which don’t yet exist at the church.  The idea, my pastor explained, is not to prohibit people, but to let their passions and their heart for God find natural outlets.  So if people have a desire that they don’t see listed in the booklet, or if they have the germ of an idea for a ministry or service, they can write it down and, if possible, the church will help them fulfill that.

I liked the idea, a lot, since most of us tend to confine our ministry or service acts to whatever happens to be available to us at our place of worship.  But I have a big imagination and all of this led me to think about “God dreams” on an epic scale.  What would we do if the sky was the limit?  If each of us had unlimited resources – money, time, energy – at our disposal, what would we do here for God?

The dream itself need not be large in scale.  Maybe you want to serve meals to the homeless in your area.  Maybe you want to send teddy bears to hurting children.  Whatever it is, however silly or small or grand or ridiculous it seems, I’d love to know about it.

So I’d like to turn that question around to you.  What’s something – a dream or a desire – that you’d like to do for God, if only [time/money/energy/work] permitted?  What act of service would you engage in, or what desire would you fulfill?  How would you show love to others?




7 thoughts on “What Is Your Biggest, Craziest God-Dream?

  1. What.a wonderful way to make you think outside the box. Well I gave it some thought and realized that I would quit my job buy a large property, and take in as many children, families, whoever really, that I could and try and make a communal family that took care of each other. With time, I would have more extended family than I could ever imagine.


      1. I really liked this post. It impacted me in a very personal way. I had never considered what I would like to do for God if I had limitless possibility, and now that I have, it is so intriguing that I would like to work towards its fruition, even if in only a small way. Thank you!


      2. I’m so happy to hear that! I had decided something similar – even if we can’t realistically achieve the big huge dreams, we can take tiny steps to make them as much of a reality as we can. I can’t wait to hear what comes of this for you!

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