Five Fundamentals For Deep Church Friendships

Over time, I've learned that there are five factors that determine the structure of godly friendships. Where one or more of these is absent, acquaintance-ships tend to reign over anything much deeper. [Click title to read more.]

Why Fellowship Is Valuable When It Works

At its best, and as an ideal, Christian fellowship is (or should be) a place where we can drop pretenses, get comfortable, stretch our toes, look for and find and provide support, and enjoy the feeling of being somewhere that we're understood, loved, and supported. It's a community where the love of God is, at least theoretically, being made manifest constantly in surprising and wonderful ways. [Click title to read more.]


Believers Don’t Need To Be Friends To Be Family

As Christians, I think we sometimes feel that if we're not good friends with all our fellow believers, we're doing it wrong. That if our brothers and sisters are not also our constant brunch buddies and going-out companions and soul siblings, we've failed or we won't be able to maintain a Christlike relationship. But that isn't true. [Click title to read more.]