Weekly Round-Up

We’re heading into the weekend, and I thought it might be worth starting a weekly recap on the blog.  I sometimes find it hard to turn off my brain, but God commands us to rest, and so hopefully this will function as a conscious marker of rest as we head into the weekend: an acknowledgement that the time belongs to rejuvenation and to God.

In light of that: may I pray for you this week, or this weekend?  I’d be happy to do so.  You can comment with a request on this entry or over here on the blog.  Please ask me to pray in general or specifically for whatever is touching your heart right now.  I am happy to keep prayer requests anonymous if asked, and I will ask that if you post a public prayer request anywhere on the blog that you redact names other than your own with asterisks or simply don’t use proper names.

Feel free to run over and listen to some of the music videos I’ve put up, or feel free to suggest your own here or elsewhere.  What music puts you in a worshipful, restful mood?

Finally, look forward to a coming Bible study I will be announcing in the next week or so!  (Hints about the topic coming soon). It will be a once-weekly study, and you can either follow along as we go or do the whole thing in one blow once it’s finished, or really whenever you feel pleased to do so.  In the meantime, this week I wrote about Christian peer pressure, being alone and vulnerable before God, and the way sports narratives of victory don’t always match up with God’s definition of victory.

Have a blessed weekend!


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