The Convenient Vagueness of Being A “Sinner”

It's easy to call yourself a sinner as a shorthand to mean "hey, I'm not perfect." But it's far harder to confess to the actual sin. To talk about who you are when you aren't Christlike. To admit what imperfection looks like when it crops up in your own life. [Click title to read more.]


Christmas Is A Beginning

Christians--instinctively, I think--tend to divide up our understanding of Jesus-as-baby versus Jesus-as-savior. The cosmic moment, the violent sacrifice, the grand and undying love: we save our contemplation of those things for Easter. But they started in the manger. [Click title to read more.]

The Phrase I Want To Banish: “I Was Saved”

I'm not sure I like how limited the phrase "I was saved" can be, that it refers to salvation in the past tense. When I hear the phrase "I got saved" I always picture Jesus scooping up someone from the "nonbeliever" box and then dropping them in the "believer" box. Poof. There you go. Finis. The transformation is complete! It isn't. But sometimes we act as though it is. [Click title to read more.]