A Request for Your Testimony!

Hey, all,

For Thanksgiving I’d love to put up a post celebrating God’s grace in honor of the season.  I can talk about my own life – boy, can I ever – but I’d also love to hear from others.  In what spiritual ways has Christ blessed you this year?  I think it would be interesting to move past talk of material things like health and wealth to express gratitude for the ways we’ve grown in Christ, what we’ve learned from or of Him, or how His love has changed us.  If you’d like to participate, do one of the following between now and November 20:

  • Contact me here on the blog
  • DM or Tweet at me on Twitter @samarisong
  • Or, if you know me IRL, call me or shoot me an email

I’ll be happy to post your words with a link back to your blog or with your name, or anonymously if requested.


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