The Little Steps Matter

A lot of us confuse "progress" with "enormous accomplishment." But progress is moving forward. And everyone's progress is going to look different, because we all start at different places, with different gifts, and different resources. [Click title to read more.]

You Are The Window To Wonder In A Skeptical World

Most people look askance at the mere concept of miracles in general. Or angels. Or an afterlife. The idea that humans might be part of a bigger, broader story, that there is something epic and cosmic and important above and beyond us, has fallen into irrelevance beside the urgency of now. And that is why love matters. [Click title to read more.]

To Christians Starting College In Fall: A Letter From A College Professor

A list of things you ought to know from the fellow believer who stands at the front of the classroom [Click title to read more]

The Great Navigator

I'm aware that my view of God as a father is colored by the kindness and love I've received from my own. Not everyone is so privileged. But if you are a father, please remember you aren't alone. [Click title to read more].

Cultivating Careful Speech

If we aren't careful, we can reduce the revolutionary concept of cultivating careful, loving speech - words that are like "fresh water" (James 3:11) - to anodyne truisms like "don't use profanity" or "don't gossip" and sometimes "don't say mean things about people" and pretend that's enough. In reality, mastering godly speech is a far more difficult and complex endeavor. [Click title to read more.]

Alone and Known Before God

It's self-editing. We all do it. And whether we realize it or not, we do it in our day-to-day life as much as we do it on Facebook. As humans, we're constantly censoring our lives and presenting some careful "best" version of ourselves to others. We cut out the parts of ourselves we deem unsavory or unnecessary, and we showcase the best ones for everyone to see. But God always and eternally sees our whole and unadulterated self. [Click title to read more.]