What I Learned From Being Quiet

In the process of fasting from certain types of speech, I'm actually discovering more about how to speak: to be direct and kind, to think about why I'm saying what I'm saying, to make my words matter more when they come out. [Click title to read more.]

A View On “Biblical Literacy”

The key to Biblical literacy is that all of us - even those who pass Biblical literacy quizzes with 100% scores - need to work on always knowing the Bible better, regardless of the amount of knowledge we currently possess. [Click title to read more.]

Knowledge and Wisdom: Or, Five Gut-Check Questions For Christian Intellectuals

A love of learning and knowledge can also lead to particular pitfalls, temptations, and problems. In light of that, there are five questions I try to constantly ask myself to keep my path straight and my focus on God. [Click title to read more.]

Seek The Silence

Humans need community, and Christians most of all, and we must not be so preoccupied with not being of the world that we forget we are meant to be in it. But I do think that in our current civilization we must prize a momentary withdrawal. We must, for our own sake, seek the silence. [Click title to read more.]

The Little Steps Matter

A lot of us confuse "progress" with "enormous accomplishment." But progress is moving forward. And everyone's progress is going to look different, because we all start at different places, with different gifts, and different resources. [Click title to read more.]