Where You Meet God Is Unique To You

If you are a believer, where you are, God is also. And where your great love and your great work is in His name, God rejoices. It is in those ordinary spaces that you stand the strongest chance of brushing up against glory. [Click title to read more.]

Embracing the Beautiful Mystery

The story that we see in the Bible is only one side of a coin; on the other side exists God's work in the cosmic realm, His shaping of the universe, of us, of our souls. [Click title to read more.]

The Spontaneity and Joy Of Christian Freedom

In the Old Testament, God had a miles-long list of instructions for the building in which His presence would dwell; in the New Testament, He has two paragraphs for the believers in whom He dwells. Such a command seems simple, sometimes too simple, and sometimes it goes against our instinct to complicate things. [Click title to read more.]