The Spontaneity and Joy Of Christian Freedom

In the Old Testament, God had a miles-long list of instructions for the building in which His presence would dwell; in the New Testament, He has two paragraphs for the believers in whom He dwells. Such a command seems simple, sometimes too simple, and sometimes it goes against our instinct to complicate things. [Click title to read more.]

Sports and Misleading Narratives of Christian Victory: Or, That Time I Swore I’d Shave Off My Eyebrows

It's interesting to me that we never equate God's victory with loss. That we never equate God with the less-than-happy-end, or with what happens when things don't turn out right. The team that slumps into the locker room doesn't say, "Well, He's the reason we're here." After a fumble or a turnover, the football player doesn't crouch and quietly thank God.