The Hunger Blessing Six-Week Study: Week One Now Available

Are you a believer who’s wondering where your want-to has gone?

Are you convicted that your relationship with God is based more on what He can do for you than on your desire to simply be close to Him?

Have you ever spent any time desiring just God, and nothing else? Do you wonder how developing that attitude might change your faith journey?

If you’re already hungry for God, do you want to keep growing in that desire and need?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Hunger Blessing is a free six-week Bible study that’s meant for you.  Over the next six weeks we’ll be working on exactly that: developing a hunger and a deep desire for God.  Not for God’s blessing, not for God’s protection, not for God’s reassurances.  Just for God.

The great Lover wishes deeply to be loved and to be known and to be desired – by us.  But that desire and hunger doesn’t come naturally.  It’s not a switch that gets flipped to “on” when you become a believer.  Developing a hunger for God is a practice and a discipline, and this series is here to get you started.

Please come and join in.  A new study will be posted every week, and you may join at any time – old weeks of the study will be archived on my blog under the “hunger blessing” tag.  Please feel free to contact me with comments or thoughts, and remember you’ll find the newest week of the study in my Study section.

I look forward to starting on this new journey with you!


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