Introverts In The Church: A Survival Guide – Week 2 Now Available

This week we’ll be tackling the first of our “survival tips”: embracing radical honesty about your identity within your church community.

A lot of times introverts “go along to get along,” and such a process can foster a lot of resentment and irritation – not to mention exhaustion and spiritual burnout.  The first step to survival in your church community as an introvert is for you to admit to both yourself and your brothers and sisters in Christ how God made you and what your limits are.

Please join in!  Week 2 is in the Study section here; you’ll find Week 1 archived here.


2 thoughts on “Introverts In The Church: A Survival Guide – Week 2 Now Available

    1. Aww, I hate to hear that, but I completely understand it. Hopefully some of these techniques and tips will help make it easier for you to attend again – or, barring that, I pray you can find a new place that brings you some much-needed renewal. I think a lot of people hit that place of burnout, so you’re certainly not alone!

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