Humility Study Available on Amazon!

My study Humility: The Misunderstood Virtue is now available on Amazon for the low, low price of 99 cents.  It has been edited and revised significantly since I originally published it here on the blog.  Get it here, and feel free to spread the word!

In the meantime, you can look forward to another six-week study coming soon.  As always, the study will be available here for free while it is ongoing.

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Humility Study Available on Amazon!

  1. Your study is on a much needed topic – I enjoyed the posts so I’m sure this is even better since you have revised it. A book I wrote that will hopefully be in print by the end of the year has a section on pride/humility. Some of my blog posts were incorporated into my book – of course, revised and expanded for a more formal format. Blogging can be a such a helpful way to “practice” writing. But I had another question, if you don’t mind me asking. I see you go by L. Philips. Why the L.? I suppose there are a variety of reasons why people use initials. I am going by L.L. Martin for my book primarily for the purpose of being evasive about my gender. I avoid the female pronoun in my self-description as well (that was hard to describe myself!) and I am not having a photo. However, for whoever reads my book, they will pick up on my being female as I refer to my husband, etc. But at least it is not immediately apparent. My book is for a broad Christian audience, and too many books written by females are assumed to be exclusively for women or pushed into the “women’s interest” category…and I want to avoid that. (etc)


    1. Thank you kindly! It was really wonderful and freeing to write, especially since I have had a bad dose of doormatting syndrome in the past. And yes, blogging it out was enormously helpful – somehow it gave me better eyes for editing in the end. Go figure! I also like being able to offer the study here for free, and *then* charge for it later – it lets me be giving even though I am also selling it as a published work.

      The L is for a variety of reasons, and some of them you mentioned. A lot of women writers I admire, both fiction and non, used the single-initial in order to evade gender questions which is helpful not just in terms of Christian writing (though you are so right about ‘women’s interest’) but writing generally. Obviously it’s not hard to find if you’re reading my writing, but it does make a difference in casual response!

      “Women’s writing” can really be the doom niche, and I’ve found that a lot of really talented women writers often get read only by women. At least this way, I can keep the platform and the audience broad! Or slightly broader, at any rate.

      I also like being able to write with a pseudonym generally. Though my pseudonym is derived from my real name, it helps me stay free from any problems with my employer or with the students that I teach as well.

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