Weekly Round-Up

I am writing this at 7:08 a.m. having gotten up at 5:30 in an effort to get ahead of a day that is already getting ahead of me.  My goal is to minimize the typos and pray for the grace of readers.

This week you can check out the fourth week of my Bible study Introverts In The Church: A Survival Guide, in which I discuss the relationship of introverts to evangelism and ministry. (The third week will be archived soon; the upcoming part five, on introverts and compromise, will be out late Sunday night or early Monday).

And hey, there’s more writing stuff to look at: I kicked off the week with an encouragement to seek the silence, discussed what it means to leave a legacy through relationship, and posted some thoughts and meditations on gratitude today to help us cultivate our hearts for Thanksgiving.

If you’re new here, welcome!  Feel free to contact me here or ask for prayer here.  And if all of this is old hat to you, thanks for sticking with me.  Being able to write this blog gives me a reason to smile.

May all of you enjoy your pre-Thanksgiving weekend; stay safe and warm and dry!


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