The Hunger Blessing Week 2 Now Available

Odds are, what we perceive as “intimacy” with God…isn’t.  We have a way of watering down our relationship with Him, reducing our interaction with the divine into something passive or self-serving.

This week’s study intends to combat that.  You can’t cultivate spiritual hunger until you throw out what isn’t nourishing you, after all – so this week we’re tackling the barriers that prevent us from really knowing God deeply.

If you missed last week’s study, don’t fret – you can join in this week without much of a problem, and the first week’s study will be available here on the blog in a matter of days.  I welcome you to join me as we work toward cultivating a voracious spiritual hunger that will keep us coming back for more.

You can find Week 2 of the study here.

Bless you!


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