Upcoming Book and Free Book Week!

Hunger Blessing Banner

My new study/book The Hunger Blessing will be available for Amazon Kindle on Friday, August 5!  

As a gift, for the week leading up to the release, I am making some of my previous studies available for free!  Here’s the info:

From August 1 to August 2, you can get Humility: The Misunderstood Virtue for free on Amazon.

From August 3 to August 4, you can get The Christian Introvert’s Handbook for free on Amazon.

(The links lead to Amazon’s U.S. page – if you are not from the States and aren’t certain of where to access my books on your country’s Amazon page, please let me know.  They’re available, and I can help you find them!)

Please be in prayer for this week leading up to the release of The Hunger Blessing so that God can use this study for whatever He purposes.

Thank you again!














































































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