Thank You.

I don’t worry too much one way or another about my blog’s stats.

I believe that God wants me to write, and so I write.  Beyond that, I leave it up to Him.  I suppose I assume that, if He wants people to read, He’ll bring them here one way or another.  So when I wander to the stats page I’m usually not thinking much about pageviews or SEO.

What I do think about is the little list of places that shows where my readership is coming from, and I am more often than not delighted by it: Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan, Argentina…

Whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, I’m glad you stopped by my blog, or are stopping by it, or plan to stop by it in the future.  Maybe you’re a family member.  (Mom, Bee, I see you.)  Maybe you’re one of my “familiar” readers: one of the folks who comments here and there, one of the people with whom I find myself in agreement, one of the people I “converse” with through comments.  Maybe you just stopped by on a whim to read something I wrote that you saw linked elsewhere.  Maybe you came here by accident looking for something completely not related to Christianity at all.    And hey, maybe you came here, read something I wrote once, and thought it was awful. Or not your thing.  Or boring.  Or same ol’, same ol’.

Regardless, I’m grateful for you.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., and it seemed like an apt time for me to express my wonder over the fact that, whatever else we might all have to say about the time and age we live in, believers from everywhere – from different states, different countries, different continents – can still find each other and connect, even if it’s just for a moment.    If you’re one of the little numbers or one of the little countries that has popped up on my stats page, I have prayed for you and I hope that God has given you a wonderful work to do for Him.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, thank you for taking part in the project that is Samaritan’s Song.  I appreciate it a lot, and I praise God for scattering His family all over everywhere: truly a harvest of the most epic proportions.


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