Upcoming Bible Study Reminder

A reminder that my new six-week (possibly seven-week) Bible study on Jonathan begins this coming Sunday!  Feel free to read more about the study itself here, but in the meantime here’s what you need to know:

  • The Bible study is free for its duration.  Afterward, when the study is finished, I will edit it, expand it, and publish it as a purchasable e-book as I have with prior studies.
  • You may join it at any time, and as the study continues the previous week’s study will be archived for your use.
  • The week’s study will be published on either Sunday or Monday in the Study section of my blog.
  • Each week’s study will have Bible verses for you to chew on or reflect upon, as well as a practical-applications section to help us take what we’re learning from Jonathan’s life and walk and apply it to our own.
  • I welcome comments and your participation, so feel free to either leave them on the week’s study, message me about them, or even write about them on your own blog!

I hope you’ll come along with me to learn about Jonathan.  I am super-excited about this study that focuses on one of God’s most loyal and loving (and perhaps most neglected!) servants.


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