A Few Good Ministries

I’m taking a ten-day break from the blog to enjoy the summer before the school year creeps up on me.  Because of that, the posting schedule will be lighter than normal.  Regular blogging will resume, God willing, on Aug. 23.

In the meantime, to close out this lighter-blogging series, I wanted to throw out a series of ten little ministries that you can do – especially as the new school year gets into full swing.

  1. Pray for/uplift a parent who is sending a child off to school for the very first time.
  2. Prayer-walk around your local schools.  Do this during off hours so that you do not look like a strange, suspicious person walking random circles around a school full of children.  Our church has groups of believers sign up to together to prayer walk different schools in the evenings.
  3. Pray for/uplift a parent whose child struggles with school.
  4. Send an encouraging note to a teacher or member of your local school staff.
  5. If you are close to children or youth in your church, make sure not to forget their ball games/special events/big days.  Drop them a note or simply wish them well with a text.
  6. Don’t lose contact with the students who have left for college.  Uplift them in prayer and encourage them when you can.
  7. If you live near a college, check with that college’s Christian ministry to see if there’s anything you can offer to the students there who might need an extra hand – or a family to share Sunday dinner with.
  8. Pray for college professors and college staff.
  9. If you have the time or inclination, volunteer for a local mentoring program or something similar to Big Brother/Big Sister.
  10. Find out if there are any financial contributions or needs you can meet at your local school: many area schools where I live are eager for box tops, bottle caps, and occasional donations of supplies!  You can do this for individual teachers, too.

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