Eight Things You Should Do Today

No time today for a long or in-depth post – my mom is coming for a long-awaited visit!  With that in mind, I didn’t want to leave the blog completely empty for the day, so here are eight things you can do today if you want to brighten the world you’re in a little bit or change your own mindset.

  1. Text, email, or mail an uplifting, meaningful and specific Scripture (no vague “Jesus loves you!”s) to a fellow believer who needs to hear it.
  2. Don’t wait until you clean out the closet or the pantry.  Go grab a few things today that you’ve been meaning to donate and get them donated.
  3. Send a nice note to a person who was grumpy/made you mad/said something nasty this week.  Please be aware: this is not a passive-aggressive nice note (i.e., “I just wanted to send you a cheer-up note because it was clear you are not having a good week!”) but a genuinely nice, caring note.
  4. Thank someone meaningfully.  Not a rushed “thanks” while you run off with your latte, but a “hey–thanks for being so focused on the order.  I hope your day’s great today” kind of thanks.
  5. Start that thing you’ve been putting off.  Even if you only start it for five minutes.
  6. Do your Bible study or prayer time, if you haven’t already.  Right now.  If you’ve got time to read this blog, you have the time to do it.
  7. Thank God for an interruption or an inconvenience.
  8. Reread a chapter of a favorite book.

Have a great weekend.


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