Samaritan’s Song Is Three Years Old!

I can’t believe this blog is three years old!  Three!

I started this blog as a way to give something back to God and, as it has rolled along, it has been God’s way of giving something back to me.  I should have remembered that’s how He operates.  And after three years of this, I can’t imagine life without my thrice-weekly posts.

Thanks to all of you who read, who comment, who offer up bits of wisdom or camaraderie or book recommendations or even a simple “hi.”  I am grateful for your presence here, I enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas, and even if I never hear from you at all and you just pop up as a statistic on my dash, I hope you know I’m grateful for your presence nonetheless.

It’s a blessed thing to make a little corner of Christian community here online, and I am enjoying it thoroughly.  I’m excited to see what God has for me in the next year of blogging – I can’t wait.

Have a blessed evening!  (Or day, or…well, whatever it is, wherever you are).



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