How To Construct A Useful Prayer Time For A Group Of People

I like the thought of being able to pray quietly somewhere alongside others, or encouraging others to do so. In an effort to facilitate that and address issues I've had in the past, I'm addressing practical needs for a useful group prayer time. [Click title to read more.]

How To Improve Your Intercessory Prayer Life

Too often, intercessory prayer becomes a task I do: a dropping-off of names and incidents into God's great skybox. As a result, intercessory prayer at times becomes rote and exists at odds with the intimate, reflective rest of my spiritual life. This is my advice on how to remedy that. [Click title to read more.]


Prayer As An Attitude

Prayer is not just an act which one commits at a certain time and a certain place. It is a way of life and of being: an attitude. To "pray without ceasing" requires attention and mindfulness--it requires seeing people, or moments that are passing by, and to recognize them right then as meaningful to God whether or not you feel they are meaningful to you. [Click title to read more.]