On “Thoughts And Prayers”

The truth is that the phrase "thoughts and prayers," or the offhanded promise "I'm praying for you," can be empty. It can be performative. It can be meaningless. And before believers utter it - whether in text, on Twitter, in person, or anywhere else - we'd do well to ask ourselves a few questions and to think about what it is we're really saying. [Click title to read more.]

How To Construct A Useful Prayer Time For A Group Of People

I like the thought of being able to pray quietly somewhere alongside others, or encouraging others to do so. In an effort to facilitate that and address issues I've had in the past, I'm addressing practical needs for a useful group prayer time. [Click title to read more.]

He Cares For You

I wrote this post last week, in the middle of my vacation, due to an unexpected turn of events that occurred. I didn't post it at the time for various reasons, but I saved it to post when I returned in hopes that it would encourage someone who needed it. [Click title to read more.]