The Hunger Blessing Week 3 Now Available

This week, I get down to the nitty-gritty and offer the first of several practical steps toward establishing a hunger-producing intimacy with God.

It’s easy to schedule prayer time and study time and church time, to purpose the ways in which our hours should be spent.  It’s much harder to devote time to desiring God and to simply…well, hanging out with Him.  But we need that desperately – as Christians, we require nourishment so that we can become hungry again, so that we can get nourishment, so that we can become hungry again…

The Bread of Life is enduring and eternal; so too, then, can be our desire for it.

This week, then, is devoted to finding and claiming the time for hunger and then using it purposefully to stir desire for God.  Come join me for some useful guidelines about creating an intimate, God-focused time as part of your daily routine and see how it will sharpen your hunger for the Lord.

The new week of the study is available here.  And if you’d like to share some of your thoughts about how God is stirring spiritual hunger in you or drawing you closer to Him, please, please tell me about it here so I can praise God with you too!


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