We’re Turning Easter Into Something It Shouldn’t Be

In our efforts to appeal to the world, we're losing the plot on Easter - and divorcing our celebrations from the purpose of this holy day. [Click title to read more.]

How To Handle The Easter Aftermath

It's true that people need a rest after the emotional intensity of Easter. But it's also true that "rest" shouldn't mean "take a vacation from God until fall." [Click title to read more.]

Do Not Let Easter Be A Culmination

It strikes me sometimes that we Christians are great at events. We know how to do Easter. We know how to do Christmas. We can make killer dinners and plays and cookouts. But an event is not a ministry. [Click title to read more.]

Enduring Doubt Till Morning

With the blessing of history and hindsight, we can see it. We, from our vantage point, always see the aftermath of the crucifixion illuminated by the glow of the resurrection. But the disciples didn't. What we understand as the transition from death to life they saw as a tangled mess of failure, despair, fear, and confusion. [Click title to read more.]