For A Change, May I Suggest Also Giving To The “Flagrantly Undeserving” This Year?

In our desire to help "the least of these," we do ourselves a disservice if we only define "the least of these" as those we find most personally endearing or worthy. [Click title to read more.]

On “Thoughts And Prayers”

The truth is that the phrase "thoughts and prayers," or the offhanded promise "I'm praying for you," can be empty. It can be performative. It can be meaningless. And before believers utter it - whether in text, on Twitter, in person, or anywhere else - we'd do well to ask ourselves a few questions and to think about what it is we're really saying. [Click title to read more.]


What We Miss When We Romanticize The Early Church

I often think our modern church is guilty of romanticizing the New Testament Church. And yet it strikes me that we only ever seem to romanticize those warm, cozy moments when believers are hanging out together in small rooms. [Click title to read more.]

Ministering To People With Mental Illness

Even in churches where believers and staff consider mental illness to be a valid issue worthy of attention, I think there's still a lot of confusion and awkwardness surrounding how we minister to that and to those people in the middle of it. Here are a few tips. [Click title to read more.]