To Those With Mothers And Those Without

Maybe if you’re like me, you have an awesome mom: a woman who raised you well and served as an authority and who also, by the grace of God, became your best friend. And maybe, if you’re like me, you know she faithfully reads every blog post you put up and the thought makes you smile. (Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!)

But maybe not.  Maybe your mother has passed away and you are grieving; maybe you’re estranged from your mother and are not.  Maybe you grew up with just a father, or with grandparents.  Maybe your mother isn’t your biological mom.  Maybe your relationship with your mother is painful.

There are many, many different ways to be a family.  And on this Mother’s Day I’d love to remind you that the day is for celebrating mothers of all stripes, biological or otherwise.  If there’s someone who looks after you – who is tender, who cares, who reads your blog posts, who calls to see just how you are – use today to celebrate them.  Maybe it’s your grandmother.  Maybe it’s that neighbor who insists on checking up on you when you’re sick.  Maybe it’s the “den mom” in your community or your friend group who keeps everyone in one piece.  Maybe it’s that kind woman in your congregation who prays for you and checks up on you regularly.  Call them.  Say hi.  Make a little extra dinner and send it on over.

And if you know a mother out there who’s having a lonely day – if she’s lost her children or they are far from her and she’s celebrating on her own – reach out if you have the time and the energy.  I live far from my mom, but I’m blessed to know that she has my dad and friends at her church who will celebrate with her.  Yet I know also that there are women with no one to lean on and for whom the day is painful.

Use Mother’s Day, whoever and wherever you are, as an excuse to practice compassion.


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