You Don’t Own It

I've been a Christian for most of my life. I've grown to the point that I assume - wrongly - that I am consulting God about most things, and submitting to God in most things. In reality, probably 50% of the time I'm making assumptions about what God could and should do, based on what I want to happen and what I believe should happen. [Click title to read more.]


Seriously, Though, Stop Ignoring The Donkey

Don't we, as believers, often ignore or attempt to surpass real-world signals that point to a greater spiritual truth - even as we plead for God to speak to us? [Click title to read more.]

Knowledge and Wisdom: Or, Five Gut-Check Questions For Christian Intellectuals

A love of learning and knowledge can also lead to particular pitfalls, temptations, and problems. In light of that, there are five questions I try to constantly ask myself to keep my path straight and my focus on God. [Click title to read more.]

Let’s Take The Confession of Sins Seriously

For a lot of us,the confession of sin isn't sobering at all. It's something we just sort Like showering. It is habit. It is flippant. As we go about it we lack, in some cases, a serious sense of shame, and acknowledge our sins in the same sort of way we acknowledge we bite our fingernails. [Click title to read more.]

We Need To Rediscover The Meaning of Fellowship

I suspect that much of our current definition of fellowship - and, if I dare say it, of "doing life together" - coincides little with the concept of fellowship that the ancient church shared. [Click title to read more.]

Listen To Their Stories

That's why it's important to listen. Not just to the stories of your family members, but of your church elders, your dear friends, the people who matter to you. In the narrative of their lives - in all the details of what you don't yet know - you will see, in surprising and strange and subtle ways, the glorious and wonderful work of God. [Click title to read more.]