It’s Okay To Be Earnest

We live in a world of artifice, where more often than not genuine enthusiasm and passion for something - for anything! - can be interpreted as caring too much, as trying too hard, as not being critical/cynical/skeptical enough. Our culture maintains a healthy scorn for those it deems to be enjoying themselves too much. But Christians should be different. [Click title to read more.]

Make Joy Your Legacy

A Christian clothed in gladness, to paraphrase Psalm 30:11, shines like a star in the dimness, and their value is not in the money they earn or in their productivity, but in their embrace of who and how they are: an enthusiasm and a passion that becomes contagious. [Click title to read more.]

Cultivating A Sense Of Wonder Is A Christian Act

Wonder is a quality that we must embrace and cultivate as believers. We live in an often-cynical world, heavy with pessimism. Unironic enthusiasm and delight sometimes seems out of style, and out of step. But as Christians, wonder is part and parcel of our experience. [Click title to read more.]