Stop Caring So Much About Results

Sometimes you give your all and the results are nothing great. Nothing special. Sometimes actively awful. That doesn't always mean you're doing it wrong. [Click title to read more.]

God Values Your Creative Ministry

All too often I suspect our faith is bound by the laws of logic - if not the logic of reason, then our own peculiar logic of how things are and how the universe should be. Or even by the logic of what our churches say "proper" ministry should look like. [Click title to read more.]


Be A One-Person Ministry. No Hullabaloo Required.

I feel really compelled to encourage people today that if there's an idea you have for a ministry - if there is something that you'd love to do for God - you should do it. Now. Today. As much as you are able. [Click title to read more.]

Hold The Space For Questions

We should strive to be the Local Friendly Christian: the person who's always willing and able to help answer questions or give information or simply ponder aloud, without demanding that people surmount the barriers of our church walls and two small groups just to gain an audience with us. [Click title to read more.]

Why Our Culture Undervalues Sacrifice

When I talk about undervaluing sacrifice, I'm talking about how we undervalue everyday sacrifice: the 90% of moments that involve giving up something not-so-big for something that not everyone agrees is really important. [Click title to read more.]

The Old Ways of Serving Still Matter

I am a believer, and have been for many years. I am, as I mentioned above, used to "the food thing" churches do. But it was strange to see it with new eyes - to be the stranger in need, one of the people served by a church that knew me not at all. [Click title to read more.]