How To Construct A Useful Prayer Time For A Group Of People

I like the thought of being able to pray quietly somewhere alongside others, or encouraging others to do so. In an effort to facilitate that and address issues I've had in the past, I'm addressing practical needs for a useful group prayer time. [Click title to read more.]

He Cares For You

I wrote this post last week, in the middle of my vacation, due to an unexpected turn of events that occurred. I didn't post it at the time for various reasons, but I saved it to post when I returned in hopes that it would encourage someone who needed it. [Click title to read more.]

Is A Little Enough?

I struggle with only knowing a little. Especially lately. Convinced that God is working out a grand plan for my life, I am nonetheless enormously frustrated that I can only see one tiny corner of it. The rest of the picture is obscured from view. And frankly, I grow resentful from time to time. [Click title to read more.]

When Prayer Is An Excuse For Inaction

Pray, yes. Pray first. Pray always. Prayer matters. But be aware that you may very well be the answer to the prayer that you're praying. While you're asking God to send assistance, the Lord of the Universe might very well be looking at you, waiting for you to respond. [Click title to read more.]

God Works In The Quiet And The Dark

What I want you to know is that God is working when you don't think He is working. When you think He's stopped working. Long after you have resigned yourself to a "no," God is quietly, patiently, lovingly working. [Click title to read more.]

Solving The Group Prayer Problem

In the interest of encouraging others to participate in "group prayer," then, or in hopes of making it easier for believers to pray around or with other believers when they feel the need, here are some tips on solving the group prayer dilemma. [Click title to read more.]