Embracing The Dissonance

The other day I was frustrated over...something.  That I can't remember what it was now speaks to how minor it was, and yet at the time I was irate.  What I remember is that I did what I always do when I can't make sense of something or I need guidance: I picked up my … Continue reading Embracing The Dissonance


To Christians Starting College In Fall: A Letter From A College Professor

A list of things you ought to know from the fellow believer who stands at the front of the classroom [Click title to read more]

God’s Sacrifice

I still don't know why God does what he does. I still wonder about the tension between what God can do and what God will do and why sometimes our faith doesn't move mountains - even when we have as much as we can muster. But God asks so little of us in comparison to what He has demanded of Himself to love us. Truly, He is not far. [Click title to read more.]

Speaking In Tongues: How Foreign Language Study Can Benefit The Church

Jesus never spoke a word of English; Christians today speak a multitude of languages. And yet the language we speak, regardless of what we speak, is a gateway to understanding: know someone's language and you know a little bit of their culture, their life, and their worldview. And it's with that thought in mind I want to discuss the benefits of foreign language study within the church. [Click title to read more.]

An Introvert’s Confession Pt. 2: How To Fix The Problems In Church “Small Groups”

Small groups propose to be different from "Sunday School" in that they are about experiencing life together, about Christians banding together in tiny tribes to work with and love each other. And if that is so, then small group life needs to extend beyond the once-a-week commitment many are willing to give to it - either that, or we need to stop pretending it's something more noble or life-enhancing than a once-a-week-study. [Click title to read more.]

Building A Bridge Between Faith And Academia: Three Thoughts

If you watch the news or listen to enough general talk, you'll hear this: that academics think Christians are fusty, backwards, ignorant folk who are anti-science and anti-education and anti-learning, and that Christians think academics are liberal secularists bent on annihilating Christianity as we know it. As always, the most popular narrative isn't always the correct one. [Click title to read more.]